My First International Trip Experience!

Who would not forget their FIRST INTERNATIONAL TRIP ?!

I must say that mine was unforgettable, in a good and bad way. *sighs

Buddha Memorial – where we performed Siddhatha: A Journey to Enlightenment Musicale

My first outside-the-country trip was in Taiwan. I personally don’t know anything that much about Taiwan but the thought of flying outside your motherland gave me butterflies in my stomach, not to mention that all expenses are free. FREEEEEE! 🙂

Yes, it’s free because it’s not just about traveling that we went there but for the main reason of spreading the Word of Buddha in a form of a musical play. Okay, this blog post gets more complicated, I know! 🙂 So, technically, THEATER brought me to Taiwan.


I must say that Taiwan is a like a place where you can really think things over and find your inner peace because of its fresh air, clean surroundings. The food is also unbelievably delicious! We lived in a buddhist temple so we are not allowed to eat meat but believe it or not, all vegetarian dishes actually taste like meat (check pictures below and see what I mean). And lastly,  you will feel that you’re really in a different place since most of the people are speaking Mandarin/ Chinese and you’ll have no clue as to what they’re trying to say. All you can do is to smile back when they smile at you or vice versa.

So, wrapping it all up, my Taiwan experience was fun yet there are some decisions I made back then that at some points, I regretted.

But as what the saying goes, “There are no mistakes in life, just lessons!” And I have learned my lesson. 🙂

That is EDA Amusement Part, the first amusement park that made me AMUSED to the nth power! It’s just so enormous that you can’t try all the rides in a day. We got unlimited passes c/o the Buddhist monks. Xiexie!

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