Team Pigeon Flies to Boracay!

Imagine a tropical island paradise in the Philippines. The place is famous for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Boracay offers an excellent nightlife, great restaurants, leisure activities such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, parasailing and so much more. But it’s also a perfect place to do nothing and just relax.

Or to say it in four words: Boracay has it all. 


I’m not as excited as my first time in Bora but this travel gives me more thrill because I’ll be back on this beautiful island with my teammates from work. Most of them are first timers and their excitement are just too contagious.

We flew from Cebu to Kalibo (45 minutes), took a bus to Jetty Port (2 hours), and rode a fastcraft to Boracay (20 minutes). It was a very exhausting trip but it was all worth it.

We arrived at almost midnight but it didn’t stop us from catching up in experiencing our first night out in this beautiful island.

We started our next day at Puka Beach where we took pictures, lots and lots of pictures.  We rarely even talk to each other because we had our own business  taking good shots from the picturesque attractions in Boracay. We even attempted the stand-up paddle. It was really hard to balance especially if you’re not used to it. But I didn’t stop, not until I will have the perfect shot that will make me look like a legendary surfer. LOL.

Welcome to Puka Beach!

After that, we have been given the  time to roam around the island to shop, eat, etc. but we need to meet again at the beachfront by 5 P.M. to experience the beautiful sunset with Paraw sailing. Everyone’s excited but we didn’t get the chance to ride the sailboat because we expected that we’ll be riding two Paraws together but it comes with batches, so we waited until there will be two sailboats available at the same time, then we realized that the sun has already set. So, yeah, it sucks. But hey, the sunset is still perfect. We took beautiful shots with us in it. Here’s my personal favorite.

Sunset with my Love. ❤

Pretty much everyone’s disappointed. So, we rewarded ourselves with a hearty meal in a seafood buffet somewhere at Station 3. We ate like Mongolians and forgot our fitness goals that night. Who else can resist if fresh seafood are served in front of you? I guess no one could. So we ate like there’s no tomorrow, paused a little, and eat again. :))

We freshened up a bit and rested a little after eating. But as for me, I used the time to chill at the majestic pool our hotel has. It’s like I’m living in a palace, no doubt it’s named “Boracay Summer Palace” LOL. Here are some snippets on my night swim.

And right after, we partied and enjoyed the nightlife at Boracay. I started mine by listening to a band in beachfront, ate pizza and drank a bottle of beer, the most perfect combination of relaxing. I even jammed with the band just because. LOL. And then I joined the rest of the group on their sesh, still at the beach front. Some went to clubs, some went swimming, some continued chilling and drinking, and I’m with the last group. I just don’t want to stress myself too much so I just chose to sit down and feel the breeze, hear the waves clash, and just be in the moment with friends. We stayed up until 3 A.M. and called it a day.

And it’s our last day at Bora. We pumped up our engines by eating a heavy breakfast. And we started our Water Activities. The entire team rode the banana boat. And right after, I tried the Flying Fish and Helmet Dive. Here’s the picture we took before we started our banana boat.


To wrap it all up, our Boracay experience made us stronger as a team. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, and I must rate the experience an 8/10, the remaining 2 goes to the the part that we are all not prepared financially, so we can’t experience and do all the things that we wanted because of the scarcity of resources. :)) But nevertheless, we all had fun on this very instant out-of-town trip. And the very concrete evidence would be our darkened skin tones.

But as what the saying goes,


Looking forward for our next trip, Pigeons. #Power !!!

Last picture before we left Bora. 🙂

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