My Pre-Tawag ng Tanghalan Experience!

In Philippines, it has been known that every Filipino should know how to sing or probably grew up in a family that knows how to. Music has always been a part in all Filipinos which might also be a reason that if there is a singing contest in national television even on an international scale, everyone watches and supports it.

To be honest, I really have no intention in auditioning for Tawag ng Tanghalan. It just reached to the point that I became too tired of auditioning and passing all the screening but always ends up not  being part of the final passers. I already tried Pinoy Idol, Pinoy Dream Academy, The Voice, but no luck.

It’s actually my birthday when there was an audition held here in Cebu. I was hesitant at first but I just gave it one final shot. Out of the 300 to 500 auditionees, only 4 of us got in. I was surprised about it knowing that there are other  singers who auditioned that were extraordinary but didn’t make the cut. But talent needs to be coupled with luck on shows like this.

Here are the final 4 passers of the Sunday auditions in Cebu. (From L to R, Kim Mainit, Me, Maxell Josepg Muldez, and Darne Andales)


When I was already home, I congratulated myself for another job well done in the auditions. I didn’t feel excited because on my mind, it will just have the same outcome with my past experiences.

Fast forwarding it, after almost 2 months, ABS-CBN called me saying that I was already scheduled for my VTR shoot and I need to be in Manila right away. I actually received the good news in the airport. I’m with my girlfriend at that time and we are waiting for our plane to Manila because we will have a vacation at Baguio City. I was overwhelmed about it because I have been waiting for this moment to arrive and here it is, it’s really happening. I just felt sad though because we can’t enjoy Baguio for 3 days anymore, since we need to go back to Manila the day after. Lucky for me because my girlfriend has always been supportive with my passion and she even told me that we can go back to Baguio or to any places any time we wish to but opportunities like this rarely happens.

After our Baguio Trip, we went back to Manila for my VTR shoot. My girlfriend is actually part of the shoot as well because they want to include my almost-six-years love story in it. And that’s how “Stick to One-derful Guy ng Samar was born”.

Here are some of the pictures taken during my VTR shoot. Stay tuned for my next blog my first day in Tawag ng Tanghalan Full Access (on and off cam experiences).








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